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A lawsuit filed by Spencer Elden, the baby featured on the cover of Nirvana album ‘Nevermind’ has been dismissed by a US district judge. In January 2022, Spencer Elden who was the baby featured on the Nirvana album cover for the iconic 1991 rock album ‘Nevermind’ filed a lawsuit against up to 15 defendants, the third of its kind. However, Judge Olguin a US district judge has

It's not uncommon today that electronic gadgets and even the virtual world have been replacing things from our "real world". Video stores have lost space for online videos. Physical books were exchanged for ebooks, online events bring people from all over the world together in one place to discuss and of course, with music, this would be no different. With

Scotland isn't particularly known for having a wealth of electronic music artists. Though the country is small and often overshadowed by its neighbours England, it does have one export that is most likely the country's most well known citizens. Adam Wiles began producing over 10 years ago now, but since then has gone on to conquer the world of electronic, chart,