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It's merely days away from the release of Porter Robinson's second studio album 'Nurture'. Since all the singles have now been dropped, all we can do now is wait until April 23 for the full album. Gearing us up for the release, Porter Robinson has just unveiled the full tracklist for the album, and it is as follows: Lifelike Look at the

'Musician' by Porter Robinson was unveiled not long ago, and it serves to be the very last single from upcoming album 'Nurture' before the full piece drops next month, April 23. 'Musician' followed a different style than the previous singles, and is Porter's way of allowing himself to 'just have fun', stating himself on his Twitter account that he had an early rule to stick

The release date for Porter Robinson's second studio album 'Nurture' is creeping up, and fans are getting more and more excited for it. Releasing on April 23, the world has seen tastes from the album in the form of singles 'Get Your Wish', 'Something Comforting', 'Mirror' and latest single 'Look at the Sky'. Now, we will see the final single be released before the full 14 tracks are

After announcing the release date for long-awaited album 'Nurture' - April 23, mark your calendars - Porter Robinson has been busy getting everyone excited, although it hasn't taken much to be excited about this new era. After dropping stunning new single 'Look at the Sky', he also released vinyl, CD and digital pre-orders for the full project along with some new merchandise. Now, he's done

Good news for Porter Robinson fans: 'Look at the Sky' is set to release on January 27. The fourth single from the upcoming 'Nurture' album will join already released tracks 'Get Your Wish', 'Something Comforting' and 'Mirror'. The 'Nurture' era is well under way, and this is set to be one of the last singles before the full album drops, with Porter stating on his Twitter account that a

We've all been waiting in anticipation for the upcoming Porter Robinson album 'Nurture' ever since he dropped the first single 'Get Your Wish' in January. With two more singles dropped since then and no album date, we've all been wondering but now we finally have new information from the man himself. Last night, (18 December), Porter Robinson took to Twitter to announce that he had just turned

Announcing this just a day before the release, Porter Robinson is back in the full swing of his 'Nurture' era of music-making. Due to release the new album - his second ever full-length studio album - some time soon, fans and fellow producers within the scene have grown more and more excited with each single release. Joining 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting' is the newest track 'Mirror', and

With Porter Robinson kicking off the 'Nurture' era once again with the releases of Anamanaguchi and DJ Not Porter Robinson remixes of 'Get Your Wish', the excitement levels for his second studio album are in full gear. Now, exciting fans even further, he's just revealed that he's dropping yet another new single tomorrow - meaning the album is getting closer and closer. Porter took to social media just hours ago

Since his virtual event Secret Sky two months ago, Porter Robinson has been very quiet, and has been especially close-lipped about his upcoming album 'Nurture' since it's announcement in January this year. But yesterday, Robinson sent fans into a frenzy when he tweeted earlier this week that; "Nurture was on pause for a bit, but stuff will start happening again tomorrow

Porter Robinson has just teased news of his newest anticipated album 'Nurture'.  'Nurture' will be Robinson's second studio album since his debut album 'Worlds Remixed' in 2015.  Throughout the year, Robinson has released two singles from the album entitled 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting'.  While there is no official release date for the album, Robinson tweeted that he will

American DJ and producer Porter Robinson started the new decade with a bang, releasing his first solo tracks since 2014. With the release of new singles 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting' he revealed his upcoming album 'Nurture'. Now he also delivered something else to his fanbase, a website focused on his brand new work, a 3D interactive space that connects you with

After not releasing any solo Porter Robinson material since 2014 with debut album 'Worlds' (not counting 'Shelter', which was a collaboration with Madeon, and the Virtual Self work), he revealed not long ago that he was finally returning to the scene with not only a new track but a new album titled 'Nurture'. He kicked off the new era with a fantastic new track, 'Get Your Wish', and not only