The New York City Nightlife Council has proposed legalizing alcoholic beverages in public parks. The proposition was introduced this past Monday, in addition to the suggestion that bars be allowed open until 4:00am. In an argument for the suggestions, the council stated that due to the pandemic, which the world is still very much in the midst of, the allowance for use

As one of the most controversial figures in the electronic music scene, Joel Zimmerman, also known as deadmau5, is an artist who divides opinion across the board. One matter which has never been disputed, however, is his undeniable talent when it comes to the art of music production. Having captured the hearts of his listeners across the globe with his

When The Chainsmokers previewed their now ridiculously successful single, "Closer" ft Halsey during their headlining spot at Coachella this year, I think it was safe to say most memorized the lyrics by video clip while anxiously awaiting the official debut this past July. Since then, the song has done unbelievably well on US charts, and continues to receive more radio time and festival plays.