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After tracks like 'Ocean' with Martin Garrix and 'Silence' with Marshmello received so much attention from both chart listeners and electronic music fans worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Khalid was back working with another incredible artist from the electronic side of the spectrum. The 20 year old singer born in Georgia, USA has turned his eyes

While Martin Garrix's original release with American R&B singer and songwriter Khalid did marvelously well on the charts - raking up the numbers on streaming platforms - fans were aware the the buck was hardly going to stop here. After the release of the single and sumptuous music video on its behalf, the original track titled 'Ocean' received a fulfilling  7-track remix package,

The world's number 1 DJ, Martin Garrix has been making some very important announcements on his Twitter this month, leaving fans all over the world very excited for what's to come from the young DJ and producer. Earlier this month he announced his complete touring schedule for the remainder of the summer, which mainly takes him to many different stops across Europe, as

Smooth and sweet, there is something truly unique about Martin Garrix's new collaboration with Khalid. The Dutch DJ & producer has been making rounds among some of pop music's greatest stars and has made some top notch collaborations. This latest collaboration with Khalid titled "Ocean" is a true testament to the producer's versatility and compatibility with other artists in the