Offshore Tag

In the latest episode of Armada Music's documentary series, 'Armada Music 20 Years Classics,' viewers are taken on a journey through the electronic music landscape to explore the genesis and enduring impact of Chicane debut single, "Offshore." Originally released on December 9, 1996, from his debut album, Far from the Maddening Crowds (1997), this quintessentially Balearic track quickly climbed to #14

Armin van Buuren has once again teamed up with AVIRA and the legendary trance staple Chicane to reimagine the iconic dance hit "Offshore". Continuing their hot streak of productions together, Armin van Buuren and AVIRA have followed up both of their ‘Hollow Mask Illusion’ EP and 'Sirius' projects with yet another delightful offering for their fans. This time the pair combine with