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A prolific name within Israel's dance music scene, Mantrastic and his studio productivity is one that captivates his loyal audience. And his latest work alongside budding Israeli talent Jake Hunter has continued the trend furthermore. Now on the radars of artists and industry leaders across the globe, Mantrastic has proven his worth as a producer, disk-jockey and label owner. A regular feature on global podcast's

Revero is yet another Dutch DJ/Producer with an impressive portfolio stacked up behind him. Especially considering he's only been active for the past 18 months or so. Having remixed the likes of Volt & State, Oliver Heldens and Shaun Frank, Revero can also lay claim to being featured as Dannic's Front of House Radio's 'Demo of the Week', and on R3hab's 'I Need

Mantrastic's label Overbind Records has just signed it's latest track. And it's fair to say JapaRoLL's "Ascalon" hasn't just caught the esteemed Israeli's attention either. With features on Dannic's and Firebeatz' radio podcasts, Mantrastic himself has caught the eye of many of the industry's bigger names. And with his latest collaboration alongside Israel-natives Teamworx titled "Ritual" charting at No.9 of the progressive

Prepare yourself for Hokima's - "Macau", a track that'll undoubtedly be rocking the dance-floor this summer. Kobi Hokima, might not be a name familiar to many, but expect that to change as the 23 year old from Tel-Aviv undeniable has talent, and as he continues to prove that he has all the qualities of a great producer, there's no telling where