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For those of you old enough to remember, Pacha once dominated London night-life, as recently as 2014. Tucked away in the heart of Victoria, opposite the rail station, the club, set in the Westminster area of the UK capital, hosted an array of hot house line-ups, mirroring the sleek elegance of their neighbouring venue in Ibiza. But after closing their

The cake throwing throwing DJ/producer who we all know as Steve Aoki, is set to release a memoir detailing parts of his life. All starting from a very young age, the relationship between him and his father, his rise to stardom and fame in the music industry, the fashion projects that he has picked up along the way, the making

Famous for his Neon Future productions, American EDM star Steve Aoki has announced the final instalment in the trilogy; Neon Future III. With the previous two albums birthing tracks like ‘Boneless’ and ‘I Love It When You Cry’, we’re certainly keen to hear what kind of route Aoki goes down on this one, with his more recent tones encompassing heavy

Sound Tulum, Sonorous, XX Winter Beach and Project Sound present Solomun +1 with Dixon, which without any doubt will be one of the most special nights of its second edition. The chosen date for the event has been Saturday 5th of January and the location is Zamna Tulum. Additionally, it has been also revealed the name of the guest that will

Following the release of his 2015 EP 'Zora', Diynamic supremo Solomun has remained fairly quiet, but the house maestro, and former Pacha Ibiza resident, is now set to return, with a very special 3-track EP. 'Customer Is King' is deep house groove at its finest, and though the full release isn't scheduled until Friday, July 13, the Bosnian-German DJ and producer gives

Ibiza's longest running nightclub, Pacha, with its famous dancefloor and cherry logo, is open 7 days a week this summer—not only that, each night has a special residency with a featured artist. Nestled near the historic yet modern Puerto de Ibiza, it has its genesis in the late 60's when the White Isle was a hippy haven. Nowadays, it is

"The internet revolution and the access to more and more simple production tools have changed the whole industry. Things have become more open. I don't think it's heading in one particular direction, but so many talents are emerging. I prefer not to overthink all this and just enjoy being stunned by original, and unexpected, musical moves." If ever there was a