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5 years ago, few knew the name 'Galantis', but that was all about to change as the pair launched their career as a duo into the spotlight with the release of 'You', a huge summer smash which dominated festival mainstages all over the world. The hit catapulted the Swedish boys into the limelight, with Galantis since playing the biggest stages

Internationally-acclaimed production duo Galantis have released the video for their new single ‘Emoji’, which premiered via the official Galantis YouTube channel. Made up of Christian Karlsson (also of Bloodshy & Avant and Mike Snow) and Linus Eklöw (Style of Eye) will return to San Francisco’s legendary Bill Graham Civic Auditorium on Friday 16th November and will also ring in the New

Following their extremely successful debut album titled Pharmacy, the Swedish chart-topping duo known as Galantis have just released a sophomore album, which might just top their previous work, both in sales and sonic appeal. The duo's second studio album has already stormed the charts with its lead single 'No Money', as well as the slightly out of character collaboration with

Sweden's own Galantis have been taking over EDM's sound-waves since 2012 with their high energy releases and distinct production flair. With a sound catered to house music, the duo's songwriting abilities alone showcase just how strong their musical dexterity has become. Teetering between genres while putting an end to commercial sound, Galantis doesn't seem to be slowing down any time soon. 2014's Coachella

Galantis are topping the Billboard dance charts with their new album 'Pharmacy' with the number 1 spot on sells, with an inital sell of 8000 copies. What a succesful album. The duo is at the top of its game, with tracks selling tracks such as 'Runaway (U&I)' or 'Peanut Butter Jelly in a massive way. The tracks are being played every single