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PIXELYNX, created by Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5, and Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman, has revealed its first mobile game, ELYNXIR, along with branding for the game created by award-winning creative director Joe Perez of WØRKS. PIXELYNX is a new gaming venture which has been created by the two iconic musicians and technologists and music industry visionaries Ben Turner from Graphite; IMS: International Music Summit, and AFEM: Association for Electronic

The name deadmau5 needs no formal introduction. Communicating to his fans in cryptic messages on his subreddit revealing he was going to focus on different ventures besides music production, deadmau5 has recently revealed he has finished 9 new tracks in the last 9 days. Yes. You read that right. A legendary amount of tracks indeed from this producer, the anticipation

On January 27 Beatport and PIXELYNX are releasing a collaborative NFT collection called Synth Heads. Beatport remains the recognized industry leader for the DJ community with a global footprint, Its top 100 chart remains highly appreciated within the music industry. PIXELYNX is a new venture that is focused on blurring the lines between music, blockchain, and gaming in the metaverse, the company founders

Dubbed as "the portal to the metaverse," Pixelynx has set out on blurring the lines between music, blockchain and gaming, whilst at the same time forming the foundation of how music is experienced in the metaverse. deadmau5 and Richie Hawtin's Pixelynx gaming platform is slowly but truly turning into a global network of artists, visionaries and startups invested in the evolution of the