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Global dance producer Martin Solveig has announced his eagerly-awaited new single, ‘My Love’, a typically upbeat and feel-good record. The French DJ and producer, whose last single ‘All Stars’ became the soundtrack to the 2017 Ibiza season, racking up over 85 million Spotify streams in the process, provides his own vocals on ‘My Love’; a dynamic display of Martin’s vibrant production

A quirky and melodic producer famed for his bright neon coloured visuals and wacky dress style, French DJ Martin Solveig is one of dance music’s greatest characters. We Rave You honour the house master with our Top 10 Martin Solveig tracks of all time: 10) Blow One of Martin’s earliest releases, the house hit introduced us to a colourful character set to

Parisian hit-maker Martin Solveig has today revealed the official remixes for his latest single ‘Places’ feat. Ina Wrolsden. The piano-driven track has been re-imagined by the likes of Audion, Leon Reverse, Billy Kenny, and now most notably, Conro, with a funky trap reworking. The Canadian's rendition of ‘Places’ will join the recently released Icarus remix. Undefeated percussion and layers fill Conro’s

French superstar Martin Picandet, better known as Martin Solveig, has just dropped his latest release, 'Places'. Featuring vocals from Ina Wroldsen, this tropical tune is set to make a big impact on the dance music scene. Famed for his exceptional house productions as well as his world-class DJ sets, Martin Solveig has been a big name in the industry for a