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Brazilian producer and DJ, Alok, recently shared a video to Instagram in which he reflected on the importance of his life after being involved in an almost fatal plane crash. The crash occurred in May of this year and was caused due to technical difficulties during take off. In his Instagram video, Brazilian stardives into the idea surrounding why his life

Brazilian producer Alok experienced one of many people's worst nightmares this weekend, as the plane he was travelling on crash-landed into a ravine during take-off. The aircraft was set to take off from Serrinha airport in Juiz de Fora, Brazil, but upon reaching the end of the runway, it failed to take off, causing it to run straight into a ravine just ahead of

Last week deadmau5 successfully released his orchestral album 'where's the drop?', but if luck had not been on his side 10 years ago, the Canadian producer wouldn't have even been alive today. In a recent interview with H3 Podcast 'the mau5' a.k.a Joel Zimmerman revealed that he very narrowly missed boarding a disatrous flight in Madrid, that would crash just