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With technology and music colliding in epic new ways over the years, this has lead to the rise of virtual musicians and stars and one name that is dominating this field currently is no other than digital superstar Polar. Polar, a fun-loving songstress, is TheSoul Music's first-ever digital artist. Launched by a leading video content creator behind many successful content brands which had

Danish DJ and producer Morten Breum (aka MORTEN) may have skyrocketed during the course of the past year, but scratch beneath the surface and you'll find a passionate Scandinavian who has spent the vast majority of his adult life making music. Since releasing his debut album 'Drop' in 2009, MORTEN - who now resides in the sun-soaked Californian capital of

It seems that there is no stopping Joel Zimmerman (Deadmau5) from wanting to reach new heights in music. Deadmau5 is yet again striving to break boundaries with his music and he has done just that with his new album, providing the score for Netflix's dark action film 'Polar'. The album and movie just dropped in the early morning of January 25th. This is

deadmau5 has revealed the release date and track list for the soundtrack of his debut film score for Netflix' 'Polar'.  The album, which drops on January 25 alongside the film, has now been kicked off with the double instant grat of 'midas heel' and 'drama free' (featuring LIGHTS). With Polar set to debut on Friday 25th January, the film's director, Jonas Akerlund, added his take on the

As one of the most incredibly talented music producers in the industry, you can count on Deadmau5 to produce some of the most spectacular tracks that captivate all types of music lovers and beyond. A pioneer of electronic dance music itself, the DJ makes sure to never pull short on any productions he delivers to the music community, always leaving fans wanting more. While