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The hype for deadmau5’s “Project Entropy” has certainly been growing ever since its announcement. In addition, the Canadian producer has been teasing his fans with previews of his upcoming releases on Soundcloud. Deadmau5 first uploaded “00001” and “00002” and then two weeks later, he put out two short one-minute previews titled “ent_Hope_clk_thme” and “ent_open_Alice_02”. Featuring his signature sounds, deadmau5 returns with

For the past year and a half deadmau5 has been very quiet on the musical front, mainly due to the fact that he's been building a brand new state of the art studio. He's been teasing Project Entropy for over a year now and what many originally thought was a worldwide tour is now looking likely to be an OST

Well-known for his previews, Canadian producer deadmau5 recently unveiled two short snippets from his new tour concept called ‘Entropy’. This project has been teased as a ‘360’ arena show that is supposedly worth millions of dollars. Not much information is given regarding the project, however, but deadmau5 did upload two short tracks “00001” and “00002” in the process, revealing his continuous work