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YouTube is one of the best platforms to host your music and videos. The site has over 1.86 billion viewers who are eager for some new and exciting tunes. However, YouTube is also highly competitive with countless artists. So, the question comes: How to promote your music on YouTube? How can you get more views, likes, and subscribers? Let’s find out! 1. Invest in YouTube Ads Alt-

What started as a platform for professional musicians back in 2007 has morphed into the dominant music platform for millions of content creators worldwide. It is streaming day by day at a flash-like rate!  SoundСloud has rapidly become the one-stop platform for distributing music, demos, and beats, with producers, singers, and any other kind of music and content collaboration with

Getting publicity as an amateur musician and producer is a quintessential challenge in the music industry, with thousands of competitors and a fine balance to tread between self-promotion and selling your soul to the devil below. Superstar Oliver Heldens, himself a beneficiary of favourable artist discovery, has had a few words to say to the mass of negative comments coming