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Seattle-based producer Jackson Wells, aka Quackson, is back with his latest hard-hitting Dubetsp anthem, 'Promise Me'. He is a founder of Seattle-based music and artistic collective WAVES Presents and helps curate events centred around electronic music. Specializing in a variety of bass music subgenres, Quackson's heavy basslines are sure to shake the ground and amaze the crowd on any occasion. Boasting a dark and ominous intro,

North American producers Quackson & KRILLA have come together to deliver a filthy electro house anthem, 'Psychosis'. With Quackson (a.k.a Jackson Wells) hailing from Seattle, and KRILLA originating from Canada, the two have crossed the border, to deliver a track that crosses the lines between electro house and dubstep. The track opens up with an intense atmosphere, using horns and percussion elements to