Queen Tag

It's not uncommon today that electronic gadgets and even the virtual world have been replacing things from our "real world". Video stores have lost space for online videos. Physical books were exchanged for ebooks, online events bring people from all over the world together in one place to discuss and of course, with music, this would be no different. With

Lithuanian producer Marijus Adomaitis, or better known as Ten Walls, has been a hugely divisive figure in dance music for the past few years. In June 2015, he posted an extremely homophobic rant to his personal Facebook describing people from the LBGT community as of a "different breed". The post was quickly removed but it was a photo of it quickly spread and

Two years after the controversy behind his homophobic comments on social media, Marijus Adomaitis, or better known as Ten Walls, has announced that he will be releasing his debut studio album titled ‘Queen’ on March 15. In 2015, the Lithuanian DJ and producer posted a rant that referred to homosexuals as “people of different breed”. Even though he quickly deleted the comment