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Coachella is easily one of the world's most recognized festivals as attendees are able to catch their favorite artists and discover new emerging talent to hit the scene. After months of teasing attendees on their official Twitter profile, Coachella has provided us something to look forward to as they have released their official 2020 lineup to celebrate their 21st annual year. Headliners

Dynamic Australian duo Gemellini are back with a brand-new floor filler! Taking on Rage Against The Machine's cult-classic hit-single, 'Killing In The Name Of', the Sydney-based brotherly-duo have once again displayed their versatile production abilities. From the get-go, Gemellini's remix hits hard, boasting brooding basslines and a pumping kick drum, before the iconic opening guitar riff enters the mix. Chopping up the lead guitar

The rumors are true! Knife Party and legendary Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello have come together to produce a mighty genre-breaking track. 'Battle Sirens' incorporates a heavy signature Tom Morello guitar sound within the break which is mixed very well by Rob Swire as he includes a range of drum and percussion sounds. This builds up into a energetic filthy trap drop. You