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Diego Bocchi, known by his stage name SQU4RE, has had a love for music that ran deep within him since the early stages of his life and when he was still in the young stages of life he began manifesting the desire to take his passion for music and turn it into something creative. At 11 years old, that is when

A pairing who has seen their artist image and fan following rise significantly over the last few years in not only their home country but also all over Europe, Italian production duo of Anderblast have been making quite the wave across in the industry. As the Italian pair of Phill Guidetti and Ricky Lugli, who comprise the Anderblast persona, launch their brand new imprint

Something special is brewing between Italian producers Phill Guidetti and Ricky Lugli. Already with a seasoned 10-year history of working together behind them, the duo joined forces under the alias Anderblast in 2013 and have been rocking it since. Their next order of business has fans and producers turning heads, their massive new collaboration “Whale” is set for release on