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As a musician who lets his music speak for itself, First has always been ahead in accomplishing that. Showcasing his skills inside the studio once again, the enigmatic producer has recently taken his talents to Dutch label RecPlay Records to unveil his latest track titled "INIT". With such an incredible 2017 campaign under his belt, First perfectly finishes off his

As the adventure carries on for RecPlay Records and their fair crop of artists which make up the bunch of their debut releases, things couldn't get better for the Mannheim based producer and DJ Hikari and his fellow countrywoman Kaii who have landed a second collaboration on the label's charts. Hot on the heels of their last production titled 'Memories,' the

Collaborating for another scintillating addition for its release roster, Dutchman Bowles and German producer White Zoo look set to assure another hit for the quickly rising RecPlay Records. While the Dutch imprint have lined up some fresh and unique releases in the past month - ever since they started their journey on December 1st - the two adept European producers look to pip