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June 25th, 2005, this extensive online information website was introduced to the world. Reddit allows users to share their thoughts relating to any subject, in the form of a link, picture, video, or message on their platform. Reddit's policy has changed lately, introducing a new way of income for the website. Many developers are unable to access its data, resulting

Hardwell recently took to r/EDM for a AMA session on the subreddit, answering fans' budding questions about his return and much more.  Since Hardwell made his explosive return to the scene, fans have obviously had a lot of questions since he switched up his style dramatically. Taking to Reddit to take part in an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the

The man behind the mau5 mask, Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5, is one of those artists that frequently features in the media for his honest and sometimes controversial opinions regarding multiple issues within the industry. This time he's hitting the front pages for a different reason. The Canadian superstar, who recently announced his new residency at the powerful newly created

Not much information has been released about new producer BLVD; But after many months of track IDs appearing in sets and radio shows from DJs such as 4B, Alison Wonderland, Diplo, Ekali, Nitti Gritti and RL Grime, BLVD is sure to make his way onto festival line-ups in the coming years. The first release from BLVD is 'Crowd Control', which is a definite crowd pleaser. With

The internet is a place full of social networks, discussion forums, obscure corners, for all types and tastes, and there is a place that is one of the best places to talk about absolutely everything, Reddit. The place where you find the best of the internet, as the site itself says, brings together tribes from various subjects and places of the

At the end of every year, all kinds of lists, recaps and Top 10's usually surface to take a look back at the what the year had to offer. Reddit, America's extremely popular social news platform, is no exception to this rule and their music section r/EDM has also just come up with their interesting list of highlights for the