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The legendary Oliver Heldens has been setting the world of dance music alight with his darker more techno sounding HI-LO alias. Following his recent collaboration with Reinier Zonneveld ‘Saw of Olympus’  which achieved groundbreaking streams on Spotify, passing 3 million streams and becoming one of the most-streamed Techno track on the platform, the duo is now working together on a brand new EP with

Donning his moniker HI-LO once again, Oliver Heldens is here to bring one of the most interesting collaborations to the dance music scene this year. Teaming up with techno legend Reinier Zonneveld, the pair are here to join the mainstream and underground worlds together in an incredible fashion. So how did the two artists end up crossing paths? The story goes that Heldens reached out

19-year-old Dutch talent S.P.H.E.A.R. returns with yet another tantalizing Techno anthem - this time, remixing Reinier Zonneveld's 'Hard Gaan'. Despite a modest following, S.P.H.E.A.R, a.k.a Brendan Khoo has developed an impressive catalogue of tracks in the past 6 months, with the best of his tracks notching up to 21k SoundCloud plays. Starting off with a stock-standard 1-minute intro, the track eventually makes its