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Mysterious is an appropriate way to describe the Amsterdam-based duo Baku. Remaining completely anonymous, they are described as "Spoken and heard through the dreams of those drifting asleep" and their music reflects that. Full of dreamy melodies, the duo's music promises to take the listener on a dream-like adventure. Gaining well over 20,000 listens on Soundcloud on their track "Hunger", it's clear that

On Monday, Dutch pioneer Afrojack made a huge surprise announcement across social media. The announcement detailed a new talent competition 'Global Remix Battle 1', which would see DJs compete to put together the best remix for Afrojack's own recent hit 'Let It Rip'. The winner(s) of the contest have the chance to get their hands on a pair of PMC

A legend of the modern electronic music era and creator of some of the most iconic productions. Afrojack‘s contribution to electronic music has been endless and truly unrivalled. His latest 'Press Play EP' is full of diverse tracks varying from electro house bangers to tracks experimenting with more pop, progressive and moombahton sounds, all whilst sounding harmonious and produced to the highest

Following the insane success of 'Like I Do', co-collaborators Martin Garrix and David Guetta have launched a remix contest, giving producers across the globe, a chance to gain recognition from the iconic DJ's. The winner will receive an official release and will be shared on Guetta’s Facebook page, as well as a DJ sampler DJS-1000 from Pioneer. In association with talent discovery community, Soonvibes'

Want to produce a remix for one of the world's biggest producers? Then you're in luck, because progressive house maestro Arty has just launched an official remix contest for his latest single 'Braver Love', featuring vocals from Conrad. This is a real chance for upcoming producers to make a name for themselves, as the winning remix will be released on Insomniac