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Making his Revealed debut, budding Israeli producer Roc Dubloc stuns the world with one of the most exciting releases of the year, a high octane festival weapon titled 'Plata O Plomo'. Tipping the scales in favor of a more electro take from his usual groovy sound, Roc Dubloc efficiently fuses together the best of both worlds to craft one of the hottest tracks in

With every year, there comes a slew of mixes that wrap up the previous year’s hit songs. Last year, Israeli producer group NEXU, consisted of Teamworx, Roc Dubloc and Hanan L-Alouf gifted fans with their own curation skills of 2015’s hottest tracks and now they have done it again for 2016. The Israeli rising stars are typically known for their energetic electro house,

Roc Dubloc is probably better known as 1/5th of Israeli super-group NEXU. Having created a mighty 139-track mix to mark the end of 2015, his debut performance at We Rave You Sessions in tel Aviv last year also indicated his ability as a solo artist. Formally known as Itay Itshaki, his debut performance happened to be alongside none other than Tom