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You’ll have noticed that with video games, not only is the actual gaming experience important but just as much work goes into carefully curating and selecting the soundtrack. Whether it is adding to the immersive experience or just providing fun background tracks to listen to whilst you game, music is an extremely prevalent aspect. We aren’t just talking about any

The long-awaited release of Kaskade’s EP, 'Reset', is here! The Grammy-nominated producer has teamed up with Monstercat, one of the industry's most influential independent record labels. Freshly released, alongside the final single of the EP, “Miles To Go,” featuring Ella Vos, this four-track EP by Kaskade consists of a series of high-octane songs, including “Flip Reset” with WILL K, “Solid Ground,” and “Closer.” With Monstercat leading the charge in bridging music and gaming, Kaskade took

With the popularisation of online game Fortnite, there's been a lot of crossovers with that and the electronic world, and the music world in general. Artists such as Marshmello and Travis Scott have performed, and now Slushii is following in their steps. Recently announcing it, Fortnite and other popular online game Rocket League are crossing over to celebrate the fact that Rocket League will be free to play from tomorrow

Music is both creative and technical for Dutch duo Vicetone, composed of the talented Victor Pool and Ruben Den Boer. When We Rave You had the opportunity to sit down with Ruben last month in Chicago, he revealed the precision yet spontaneity that goes into producing their undeniably upbeat music, club-ready yet also emotionally resonant. Earlier that night, Vicetone played