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The GAIA 2 marks Roland's latest synthesizer to hit the market. A successor to the original GAIA launched in 2010, this new iteration combines the best of wavetable and virtual analog synthesis, driven by a powerful hybrid engine. At its core, the unit boasts a 22-voice maximum with 3 oscillators per voice. Oscillator 1, featuring a wavetable block with 63 morphing

If you've struggled to give each element its own space in dense mixes, the new unmasking plugin Fuser aims to come to the rescue.    Developed by audio tech company Mastering The Mix, Fuser brings some much-needed "sonic clarity to messy mixes" through its intelligent analysis and processing. It identifies clashing frequencies between sounds like kick drums and bass guitars, then makes

Roland Corporation announced the opening of its first flagship retail space in Tokyo, Japan on October 1, 2023. The Roland Store Tokyo aims to provide an immersive, hands-on showcase of the brand's latest electronic musical instruments and innovations.   | Best Plugins for music producers in 2023 – Click here to checkout   Following the successful launch of its inaugural retail store in London last

Roland has recently announced the latest addition to their popular AIRA Compact family of pocket-sized instruments, the S-1 Tweak Synth. Inspired by the legendary Roland SH-101 from the 1980s, this powerful micro polysynth is designed to offer modern music creators a range of unique performance features, futuristic wave manipulation, and onboard sequencing.   Technology The S-1 Tweak Synth is built with the latest

As a global leader in piano and synth technology, Roland has always looked to elevate its products to meet the needs and high standards of its loyal user base.  Now the company is giving an update to some of its most utilized digital synthesizers to ensure a user experience and sound design that is worthy of the company's storied legacy. With

One of the world's premier companies for sound and music creation, the illustrious Roland, has returned with a powerful new desktop synthesizer that is sure to be a staple of many producers' studios.  The new SH-4d offers a plethora of sound and editing tools combined with a compact design to fit any studio space, whether it be a professional room

The House and Techno scenes up to the point where we are right now are certainly attributable to the developments of Roland. Their drum machines, synthesizers, sound modules, and basslines are the pieces of gear that still create solid foundations for many big productions. The iconic company announced an all-in-one desktop synthesizer/groovebox, the SH-4d, and we're excited to tell you

As a global leader in music and pianos, Roland has a storied history of delivering high-quality instruments and is now looking to further expand upon that legacy with  a new concept instrument to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary.  The announcement and reveal follow up on the company's most recent concept design, the GPX-F1 Facet Grand piano, which was released back

Roland has made a habit of changing the game, having made their mark on the industry with countless pieces of excellent equipment over their 50 year history. One of their greatest innovations in recent years calls back to the legendary modules of the 80s, making for a "beat machine" that does so much more than its tagline might make you think.

The Roland JUNO-X is the new flagship synth from the Japanese industry titans, delivering a real vintage experience with modern features. Roland`s JUNO series is widely known for its sound and has a high reputation across the music industry. In the 80s, the JUNO series shaped the sound of many pop, synth wave, and house hits, and the legacy continues.   First things first,

Industry giant Roland has announced the release of the Aerophone AE-20, a digital wind instrument that will be the latest in a line of such innovative instruments from the Japanese company. Described by Roland as "[delivering] all the playability and expression of the flagship Aerophone Pro in a more compact and streamlined design", the AE-20 puts 250 acoustic and electronic sounds