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Roskomnadzor (RKN) an agency from Russia bans SoundCloud, alleging that the service is distributing "False Information" about the nation's invasion of Ukraine. After battling big tech companies and an entire nation in the past few months, the Russian government is back at it again, this time putting a ban on the audio streaming service as Russia bans SoundCloud. The Federal Service for

The Ukrainian government was said to be issuing an airdrop for all crypto contributors on Thursday afternoon. In a crypto airdrop, users are given free tokens of a digital currency to stimulate adoption. However, it was unclear if Ukraine planned to distribute cryptocurrencies or blockchain. The airdrop was initially announced on the country's official Twitter account on Wednesday, but no

With the ongoing aggression that Russia is causing in Ukraine, the Ukrainian government is accepting cryptocurrency donations. Bitcoin and other crypto-assets have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional crowdfunding. They enable fast, cross-border donations, avoiding financial institutions that can prohibit funds or slow the withdrawal process. Since the invasion began on February 24th, hundreds of bitcoin have been contributed raising

Due to the horrific events unfolding in Ukraine right now, Russia has been denied participation in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The European Broadcasting Union announced yesterday that “The decision reflects concern that, in light of the unprecedented crisis in Ukraine, the inclusion of a Russian entry in this year’s Contest would bring the competition into disrepute.” You can read the

Slowly but surely it seems like the live music industry can arise from the ashes in certain countries, for example in Russia, where authorities gave permission for two regions to organize live music events at full capacity. Two regions in southwestern Siberia, the Kemerovo and the Novosibirsk oblasts (federal subjects of Russia) are the first to remove restrictions and allow events to take place

Since Spotify launched in October 2008, it has been gradually expanding into new regions while becoming the most popular streaming service across the world, in numbers of paid and unpaid subscribers. Now we have learned that Spotify could potentially launch in a new country during the second quarter of 2020. The service is currently available in 79 countries across the globe

Russian power duo Matisse & Sadko unveil new progressive house stunner titled "Saga". The track comes as a release on Garrix's imprint STMPD RCRDS. The track is loaded with a gritty bass segment that clears out and becomes a melodic beauty. The duo told Billboard Dance that "We tried to create not just a festival record, but an epic melody

Last weekend, the mighty Alfa Future People festival went down in Russia. The festival's stunning mainstage is always one of the best and biggest of the festival season. This year it featured multiple LED lighting installations, an amazing 3D depth and a knight-like looking face in the front. The design perfectly integrates into the rich history of stunning mainstages that will take

In terms of dance music festivals, their sheer scale and size has been rapidly increasing over the past five years to a point where many think they can't get much bigger. If you look at festivals such as Ultra in Miami or Belgium's Tomorrowland, it's easy to see why people have this opinion as they've gotten to the stage where