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Since Spotify launched in October 2008, it has been gradually expanding into new regions while becoming the most popular streaming service across the world, in numbers of paid and unpaid subscribers. Now we have learned that Spotify could potentially launch in a new country during the second quarter of 2020. The service is currently available in 79 countries across the globe

Russian power duo Matisse & Sadko unveil new progressive house stunner titled "Saga". The track comes as a release on Garrix's imprint STMPD RCRDS. The track is loaded with a gritty bass segment that clears out and becomes a melodic beauty. The duo told Billboard Dance that "We tried to create not just a festival record, but an epic melody

The Dutch and Swede’s have become renowned electronic maestros throughout the scene and its genres over recent years, arguably containing some of the pioneers for the status of the industry today. But a new phase of cultural talent is quickly emerging into the limelight from the vast wilderness of Russia. A wave of production has begun its ascent towards electronic