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The guitar has been a really important instrument in music production for a long long time and its relevance hasn't decreased by a single percent to the present date. Since having a great guitar piece for your music requires some advanced playing skills along with the cost of a guitar and proper recording equipment, it can be very difficult for

Splice is definitely one of the most widely used marketplaces for downloading sounds, sample packs & presets. It has over a million samples with a variety of sounds for each genre. Be it vocals, drums, bass, synths, grooves, MIDI, etc. Splice got you covered. This year Splice launched Splice Awards 2020 to list out the best producers and sample packs

Cymatics, Ghosthack, and Loopmasters are one of the world-leading music companies offering their best-selling sample packs for every genre. Expect some sharp deals on single sample packs, free products, and huge discounts on bundles on Black Friday. A lot of the sample packs are up to 80% off as well as FREE high-quality products. We are here to list the

The holiday season has officially started and the market is full of exciting industry deals and offers. Cyber Monday which hits this year on 30th November is a marketing term for the Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. It was created by retailers to encourage people to shop online. The music retail industry also witnesses the Cyber Monday sales in full swing as plugin manufacturers,

Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals are here offering you enormous discounts on sample packs for music production. It's hard to find an outlet that doesn't have an ongoing sale at the moment and with so many out there it's quite tough for a music producer to find all the deals and figure out what would be the best for

This coming Friday is all about huge discounts, sharp sales, and free products for you to add to your collection. A special day for every producer out there to add more weight to their toolset and be unique in every step of writing a song. We are collecting the best deals from the best companies all over the world and

November 27th is coming close as the deals are getting sharper each day. Black Friday guarantees the best deals on the best products of 2020. Major companies like Plugin Boutique, Spitfire, Native Instruments, W.A. Productions, and Samplesound are offering you their best tools for music production at the moment. We are here to list the best Black Friday offers on

As a music producer, have you ever felt like there's something missing in your track and the absence of this piece has made your stuff way too monotonous? Well in a situation like this, adding some vocals definitely helps you to get your mix together. Not only they complete your track by filling up a lot of frequencies in the

We are just one week away from Black Friday 2020, and one of the biggest Black Friday Sales have arrived. There are millions of aspiring music producers out there waiting for Black Friday Sales to grab their favorite sample pack or plugin at a price that is way less than their actual price. With the high quantity of sample packs

Uroš Umek, born May 16th, 1976, is an electronic music producer and DJ from Slovenia better known as DJ UMEK or simply UMEK. Active since 1993 he is one of the pioneers of Techno music. Not only is he the owner of many techno record labels such as Consumer Recreation, Recycled loops, and 1605 he also won the Beatport Music Award