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The evolution of genres is a very natural order of things. It's been happening for years that main genres are being overshadowed by their younger, more modern counterparts. One of the simplest examples can be house which is a very general term having under it subgenres such as deep house, tech house, future house, electro house, or bass house. Referring

Following on the success from his first album, 'album1', San Holo surprised fans yesterday by announcing the news of his second studio album. Sharing its title with the first released single 'bb u ok?', the new album arrives to streaming platforms on May 21. Compiled of 20 tracks, it will feature collaborations with artists such as Mija, Chet Porter, American Football and also longtime collaborator The Nicholas. To celebrate

Throughout this year, San Holo has been keeping fans entertained with a series of DJ mixes and performances that he's called 'mixed feelings'. Playing for festivals such as Digital Mirage, Secret Sky and Monster Energy Up & Up, he's now rounded up his mixed feelings sets with a special 'goodbye 2020' set. Playing from the comfort of his home looking like a fun

A few days ago, we reported on the news that San Holo was officially back from his social media hiatus with the announcement of a brand new single titled 'bb u ok?'. Now, that track is officially out on all streaming sites now. 'bb u ok?' sees San Holo embark on a new journey in his musical career, stating on his Instagram page that

Attention all San Holo fans: a new single is dropping December 1! Entitled 'bb u ok?', this announcement comes not only after a social media break that lasted a few weeks, but also on his birthday too. Taking to his social media to announce this as his first post back, set your alarms for December 1. This will no doubt be a track full

Porter Robinson has just teased a brand new track, likely called 'Look at the Sky', at his virtual event Secret Sky Music Festival that took place this past Saturday. Becoming a showcase for his next upcoming album 'Nurture', this might be his next and third release after 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting' In order to cheer all his followers up,

Continuing to treat fans as much as ever with a new release every week for the foreseeable future, Dutch native San Holo continues his ever expanding collection of music, and this time he's collaborating with fellow bitbird label artist Analogue Dear. Analogue Dear - real name Sjaak Douma - is known for creating extremely delicate and emotional melodies, something that goes hand in hand with

You know the drill. Another week, another new song by San Holo. Currently feeling inspired by the worldwide lockdown and not being able to tour, the Dutch producer has had more time to sit and focus on music, which is why he's been treating his fans to a track every single week. Coming up to week five soon, the 'Stay Vibrant: an

If you're a San Holo fan or are familiar with his style of music, you'll know that he's always finding innovative ways to fuse emotional and delicate sounds with injections of energy. His unique, forward-thinking way of producing has lead him to gain a massive core fanbase who support his every move, and he's built a genuine connection with them all. Right

Lately, artists have been doing all they can to combat the sadness felt on the music industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the world. Now that they currently cannot be on tour, they're getting creative whether it's via live streams or releasing more music on a regular basis to keep their fans entertained, and Dutch producer San Holo is doing the

Labelling his music as 'post-edm', San Holo has been changing the game for a long time now. Since before the release of 'album1', he has been incorporating his guitar skills into creating a softer version of the electronic music we hear today, and thus has shown that electronic music can work with non-electronic instruments to create something entirely new and exciting. Carrying on