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Miami has led the way to become the crypto capital of the United States, with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez making headlines when he announced he will be receiving his paychecks in crypto. BTC Media, the organizers of BTC's biggest event in Miami Bitcoin 2022, have announced for the first time that, the 4th and final day of the event will be

Being long-term friends, the music scene went into overdrive when it was announced that San Holo and Chet Porter were officially set to release their collaborative track 'you've changed, i've changed'. With the news that San Holo's second studio album 'bb u ok?' had to be slightly delayed due to technical issues, this song was released instead as a way to make up for the setback and

Continuing the excitement for his second studio album 'bb u ok?' dropping on May 21, San Holo has released not one, but two brand-new singles from the album. The choice to release two singles was a last minute decision, but fans have been more than happy about the decision, and thus comes 'black and white' and 'MY FAULT'. 'black and white' retains the dreamy guitar sound which is

As San Holo prepares to release his upcoming second studio album 'bb u ok?', the hype is well under way as the release date gets closer and closer. He shared teasers of what we can expect from the album with title track single 'bb u ok?' and the following single 'find your way' featuring vocals from Bipolar Sunshine (who also featured on his first album 'album1', on the

The evolution of genres is a very natural order of things. It's been happening for years that main genres are being overshadowed by their younger, more modern counterparts. One of the simplest examples can be house which is a very general term having under it subgenres such as deep house, tech house, future house, electro house, or bass house. Referring

Following on the success from his first album, 'album1', San Holo surprised fans yesterday by announcing the news of his second studio album. Sharing its title with the first released single 'bb u ok?', the new album arrives to streaming platforms on May 21. Compiled of 20 tracks, it will feature collaborations with artists such as Mija, Chet Porter, American Football and also longtime collaborator The Nicholas. To celebrate

Throughout this year, San Holo has been keeping fans entertained with a series of DJ mixes and performances that he's called 'mixed feelings'. Playing for festivals such as Digital Mirage, Secret Sky and Monster Energy Up & Up, he's now rounded up his mixed feelings sets with a special 'goodbye 2020' set. Playing from the comfort of his home looking like a fun

A few days ago, we reported on the news that San Holo was officially back from his social media hiatus with the announcement of a brand new single titled 'bb u ok?'. Now, that track is officially out on all streaming sites now. 'bb u ok?' sees San Holo embark on a new journey in his musical career, stating on his Instagram page that