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Porter Robinson has just teased a brand new track, likely called 'Look at the Sky', at his virtual event Secret Sky Music Festival that took place this past Saturday. Becoming a showcase for his next upcoming album 'Nurture', this might be his next and third release after 'Get Your Wish' and 'Something Comforting' In order to cheer all his followers up,

Continuing to treat fans as much as ever with a new release every week for the foreseeable future, Dutch native San Holo continues his ever expanding collection of music, and this time he's collaborating with fellow bitbird label artist Analogue Dear. Analogue Dear - real name Sjaak Douma - is known for creating extremely delicate and emotional melodies, something that goes hand in hand with

You know the drill. Another week, another new song by San Holo. Currently feeling inspired by the worldwide lockdown and not being able to tour, the Dutch producer has had more time to sit and focus on music, which is why he's been treating his fans to a track every single week. Coming up to week five soon, the 'Stay Vibrant: an

If you're a San Holo fan or are familiar with his style of music, you'll know that he's always finding innovative ways to fuse emotional and delicate sounds with injections of energy. His unique, forward-thinking way of producing has lead him to gain a massive core fanbase who support his every move, and he's built a genuine connection with them all. Right

Lately, artists have been doing all they can to combat the sadness felt on the music industry caused by the COVID-19 pandemic currently sweeping the world. Now that they currently cannot be on tour, they're getting creative whether it's via live streams or releasing more music on a regular basis to keep their fans entertained, and Dutch producer San Holo is doing the

Labelling his music as 'post-edm', San Holo has been changing the game for a long time now. Since before the release of 'album1', he has been incorporating his guitar skills into creating a softer version of the electronic music we hear today, and thus has shown that electronic music can work with non-electronic instruments to create something entirely new and exciting. Carrying on

Sander van Dijck - aka San Holo - is one of the people that has had the biggest hand in changing up the electronic scene as we see it in recent years. Introducing guitars more frequently into his music (with 'album1' among other releases) and his live shows, his 'post-edm' take on electronic music has been refreshing to see, and he's a perfect example

Since San Holo debuting his first ever album 'album1', his career has skyrocketed to new heights. From playing the main stages of festivals like EDC Las Vegas to headlining the world renowned venue Red Rocks, the Dutch star has been simply unstoppable. 'album1' itself showed a new side to Sander van Dijck, in which he named the genre of the album as 'post-edm', allowing him

When listing off artists that are completely unique and offer a different perspective to the ever-evolving music industry, one name that instantly stands out is San Holo (and no, that isn't a name play on the popular Star Wars character Han Solo). Sander van Dijck, who hails from the Netherlands, has had music running through his veins since a very early age

Last weekend, August 1st to 4th, the 29th edition of annual Lollapalooza festival in Grant Park, Chicago, IL took place featuring a massive line-up again and stellar performances across the board. Summer and festival season is one of the most stressful seasons for artists as they're touring multiple countries and continents, sometimes on the same weekend or even day. Included in

There are some exciting months for every electronic music fan out there. Those months where you're able to see your favourite DJs perform in the best stages and the chances to spot new music increases significantly. March is the first exciting month of the year with the MMW and Ultra Miami. July and August, the scene is packed with astonishing