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If we had to come up with someone that had the power to leave a whole dance music community speechless, that person would most probably be Joel Zimmerman or as he is better known, deadmau5. The masked artist has never left anyone indifferent whenever he has given his opinion on something or on anyone. His music is the pure reflect

Dedicated deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) fans have been keeping their eyes on the ID that was known as 'Saturn' for a while now. With it being played for at least a year now, fans had been speculating for a long time over when this was going to be an official release. Quickly becoming a fan favourite, it has been a staple in Joel's

Playing the waiting game for an ID can be extremely painful and long at times, especially when that ID is probably one of the best things you've heard in a long time. All edm fans know this feeling, but the wait is awarded when the track you have come to know and love through show recordings or low quality rips