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Hanoi club Savage is hosting a three-day event in Mai Chau, a Vietnamese northern town. The mini-festival is scheduled for April 2 to 5 and it’s the first party that Savage has ever hosted outside its venue. Savage is a five-year-old club located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The club represents the epicentre of the underground Hanoi scene and has been a key

DJ powerhouse Timmy Trumpet released his viral hit 'Freaks' 6 years ago this month, as the Australian bolstered his career back in a stand-out 2014. With one of the most memorable melodies you'll ever hear, the Melbourne Bounce producer provided his signature brass in a collaboration with New Zealand rapper Savage. Crafting one of the most iconic dance tracks of that year,

Returning with a bang after the stupendous XX Files collection blew our minds earlier this year, Dutch duo Blasterjaxx are back, this time debuting XX Files - Festival Edition. The pair, comprising of Thom Jongkind and Idir Makhlaf, deliver the first taste of this upcoming collection of big room tracks in the form of huge new single, 'Savage'. A classy production which

Aussie Melbourne Bounce producer Uberjak'd is the forerunner of the new wave of Australian club producers impacting the global electronic scene. Having set the bar high with his unique sound and signature bounce drops, Uberjak'd is here to break all boundaries once again with his newest remix of Savages 'Like Michael Jackson'. To get the ball rolling, a meaty, melodious tune progresses alongside powerful synths into