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The Scottish government had previously decreed that indoor clubbing events will not resume until at least 24 January, in an attempt to curb the spread of the Coronavirus Omicron variant. The announcement came on Thursday, confirming that outdoor events, such as football matches and concerts, will be permitted to resume from Monday 17 January. However, today news has broke that

The Scottish government has granted nearly £65M in aid to event sectors including music venues, cultural businesses, and the arts. The decision to grant the aid comes after the government put new restrictions on large indoor and outdoor gatherings amid COVID restrictions effective December 26th. As of December 26th, indoor events where spectators are standing are limited to 100 people, seated events are

Nightclubs and bars in Scotland are facing up to the government in a legal battle to end limits on venue capacity and opening hours; restrictions that are currently still enforced due to COVID-19. In the country, the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) has launched legal action against the government’s COVID-19 rules, describing them as “no longer justifiable or proportionate.” The current COVID rules read that

Scotland isn't particularly known for having a wealth of electronic music artists. Though the country is small and often overshadowed by its neighbours England, it does have one export that is most likely the country's most well known citizens. Adam Wiles began producing over 10 years ago now, but since then has gone on to conquer the world of electronic, chart,

T In The Park, a long lasting festival in Scotland,this year,got quite a lineup, with names such as Avicii, Sam Smith or The Prodigy. And as every good festival, a special stage for techno is a must, in Scotland's festival it is: the Slam Tent. The name is not a coincidence, it is Slam's tent, with other artists attending such