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On the last episode of The Martin Garrix Show, viewers took a stroll through Miami Music Week 2018 with Martin. During one of the craziest weeks of the year Martin surprisingly had one of the most laid-back Miami Music Weeks of his career so far. From the Armani fittings and events to the screening of What We Started, viewers didn't see Martin

Debuting season 3 of his, The Martin Garrix Show just weeks ago, we get yet another inside look into Martin's everyday life. On this episode, the youthful superstar takes us through a recap of his show for BigCityBeats World Club Dome in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. We get a little taste of every emotion from Martin and his team, stress, nervousness, but most of all

Coming off some incredible news with his new Armani Winter campaign in 2018 - young phenom Martin Garrix has returned with the third installment of his vlog series The Martin Garrix Show. Although the episode doesn't catalog his involvement in with fashion company quite yet, this opening episode of season 3, takes us through the Dutchman's incredible journey until Amsterdam Dance Event