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Even since the early stages of his career, Shanahan has earned himself a respectable place in the EDM industry. Known for his euphoric productions which utilize melody and emotion to provide for breathtaking synths, consequently falling into roaring drops, he has already sparked the attention of the likes of Tiesto. His biggest song yet, “Passion” was released onHardwells label Revealed, and also

Throttle's debut hit, "Together", employs the help of Hellberg, Templeton, Spenda C and Shanahan for the Australian breakout's official remixes. Landing off the success of the David Spekter accompanied original, four next generation talents added their signature to breathe new life into Throttle's latest piece, "Together". Swedish newcomer Hellberg brings an uplifting and progressive edge to the vocal single, leaving LA newcomer and

After releasing his debut vocal single "Together" 2 months ago, Throttle has recruited the help of none other than Shanahan to remix his masterpiece. Shanahan's official remix of Throttle's work captures the progressive essence of the original, working with David Spekter's elegant vocals and the accompanying melody to help transition the radio-friendly track to Shanahan's club-worthy, grittier version.  With a gradual build-up,

Alright, this is something that should make it's way onto your playlist, right now. In the stream of summer vibe tunes that are coming out these days, this is something you should have on repeat. Shanahan & Sonny Noto's 'Can We' is melodic progressive house class. Shanahan steps away from his usual hard-hitting drops on this one, the track revolves around an ambient sound,