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Undoubtedly one of the most influential names in dance music today, Steve Angello is undergoing one of the most life-changing and daring years of his career to date. Releasing his latest EP – Almost Human over the course of the past year, which gave us a foretaste of his upcoming concept album, the Swedish pioneer took upon the challenge of incorporating new elements

The man, the myth, the legend Steve Angello has just made a post on his website that suggests that the massive SIZE in the Park festival heralded by him will return to action in 2018, in Sweden. The poster foreshadows what could be one of the monumental comeback events of 2018. “För Vårt Sverige”, as the poster reads means "For Our

The first full length production from Steve Angello since the disbandment of what is arguably the most influential electronic act of the millennial boom, Swedish House Mafia, Angello’s foray into the album circuit has been marked with its fair share of drama, seemingly perpetual delays, and a healthy dose of hype. Wild Youth was as nostalgic for his past as it was optimistic for