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Fresh off of his collaboration, 'Dubai' with Brazilian bass-master Beowülf, Solberjum is back with another smash-hit single, titled 'Choices'. Going solo in his latest single, the track marks his first solo release since 'Get Money' was released last month. A high-energy Future house anthem, Solberjum makes excellent use of synth stabs as he brings the heat in his latest hit single. Opening up with a dark, mysterious vibe, low-pass-filtered

Fresh off of his hot collaboration 'Bla Bla Bla', with Art&Music Recording head-honcho Dr. Shiver, Parisian pundit Solberjum is back on the esteemed label with Brazilian bass-master Beowülf, to deliver a hard-hitting Arabic-inspired Bass House tune; 'Dubai'. Combining Solberjum's masterful melodies with Beowülf's booming basslines, their two worlds have collided to create their latest masterpiece. Making great use of minor scale chords, Goblet Drums, Zills and ethnic vocals, the track's Arabic elements blend

A mainstay for all discussions concerning Dr. Shiver's highly regarded Art&Music Recording imprint, French artist Solberjum has been a constant source of top notch tracks and the man behind some of the summer's hottest productions. Having just collaborated with the label boss on one of the label's latest tracks titled ‘Bla Bla Bla', Solberjum looks set to deliver something fresh

Solberjum marks yet another brilliant addition to his productions on Art&Music Recording with his latest party anthem 'Don't Let Me Go'. Digging into a totally new sound identity, he prepares to set out a hot string of new records for the coming future. The track kicks off with wobble synths and the main vocal hook. Using a high-pass filter, the two elements

Italian record producer Dr. Shiver and Paris born star Solberjum are back with a next level collaboration that is ready to erupt on the dancefloor and cause waves across the electronic scene. Having already impressed audiences with their track 'Dom Dom' (ft. Bo Valentine) which charted at number 15 on the Beatport House chart, both Dr. Shiver and Solberjum are proving a formidable partnership in the studio. Now joining

French DJ/Producer Solberjum has delivered a brand new remix of Dr. Shiver and Jmi Sissoko's hit-song 'Brave Love'. Initially starting out as a Hip-Hop DJ, Solberjum worked with some of Paris' most well-recognized rappers, before forming the Hip-Hop/Electro House duo 'Starz Angelz' with his close friend, Le Kid. Boasting a Progressive House structure with Deep House infused elements, Solberjum gives the original track a fresh

Riding across the industry atop his thumping remix for the Axwell Λ Ingrosso's February hit 'Thinking About You', Paris born DJ and producer Solberjum has had a quite distinctive rise in the very first quarter of 2017. Having dominated the Future House sphere with his recent hip-hop collaborations with the likes of Devvon Terrell as part of 'Live Like This' and Jmi Sissoko in

Paris-born DJ/Producer Solberjum has been active within electronic dance music for quite some time now. Holding an impressive career CV, he stands as one of the reputed Art&Music Recordings most consistent performers. Originating his craft as a Hip-Hop Disk-Jockey, Solberjum quickly started to morph more Electro elements into his collaborations with French rap artists at the time. Going on to tour