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It's the most wonderful time of the year: Spotify Wrapped is out! The ever-popular feature has been a hit ever since its inception, and it allows users to view such statistics as their top artist, top tracks, top genres, number of hours of music listened to, how many artists listened to, etc. The perfect summation for the year, they've now

Yes, is that time of the year again. Spotify’s personalized 'Wrapped' experience is here to wrap your 2020! The popular year-end review of Spotify users' favourite artists, songs, genres and podcast has just been launched today. Every year at this time, Spotify offers an early Christmas present in the form of a musical summary. It's also a tradition to see artists

Christmas truly has come early for Spotify users with the world's most popular streaming service giving their users the gift of 'Spotify wrapped', the yearly breakdown of all listening habits, including your most played song, most played artists, which genre you grooved to the most, and even how many exact minutes you spent on the app this year. The incredible '2018