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It's been a long long wait since Swedish House Mafia announced their return to the scene but finally, the first show is HERE. After a lot of rumouring, speculation, shocking news but above all, an insane level of hype and excitement among fans, this SHM Reunion Tour will take off this next Thursday, May 5th in the astonishing city of Stockholm. Even though

Photos of Coachella's new 'Antarctic' stage recently surfaced on the festival's website, unveiling the building of the festival's newest, most intriguing stage. An immersive, fully-enclosed, planetarium-like spherical structure, it is said to be a 360° audio-visual sensory experience. Powered by HP, the experience takes fans on a mind-blowing metamorphic journey through time, space, and consciousness. With Coachella only a week away, fans are on the

Alesso has rapidly ascended from the status of prodigy to a superstar in his own right. Now creating his own demand, his lines of merchandise, headlining features and global popularity reflect a dominant elevation at the top of the dance music scene's ranks. Reflecting this is his newly-unveiled stage that has taken a mighty four months to go from concept to