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Don Diablo and Star Wars are collaborating again after a release of a now sold-out Star Wars x HEXAGON merchandise line, this time on yet more merchandise except this time it's even more limited. In partnership with StockX, the top resale platform for sneakers, streetwear and collectables, Don Diablo and Star Wars will release a limited edition bundle collection of jackets and matching pants.

An artist who has become known for his unique sound and consistent ability to exceed expectations, Don Diablo remains one of the most pioneering artists in the industry. Recently he revealed his brand new clothing line in collaboration with Disney's Star Wars at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE). The collaboration proved extremely popular with his global fanbase who were eager to

The buzz for the blockbuster film ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ is certainly still circling around even over a month after its release. George Lucas’ famous series has garnered millions of fans over the past few decades and one particular element people love about these films is John Williams’ brilliant Star Wars compositions. With numerous electronic dance music producers giving their own

When the most anticipated festival of the month combines with the arguably the worlds most revered franchise, the result is something quite phenomenal. This December, Sunburn Festival, Goa, is providing you with a Star Wars themed stage. Complete with Darth Vader and Storm Trooper cameos and a special Star Wars centered DJ set,  the iconic 4 day festival is out

With the release of the most anticipated film of the year around the corner, numerous artists have taken to creating renditions of its illustrious theme song. What could possibly be the most acclaimed film series of the century, Star Wars has left an indelible mark in the hearts of many. One producer, who has transcended boundaries of creativity, has taken to

The newly formed Miami-based duo MOTv, comprising of Shawn Humphreys (Shawn Castro) , and Mateo Raigosa (Mateo P.i), has been in the spotlight ever since their stellar breakthrough remix of Dropout's "Slowly". Native to the party city of Miami, they have made their presence unmissable by playing at some of the most popular nightclubs and opening the stage for numerous internationally renowned artists