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A couple of weeks after releasing the remixed album for Satrn / Coasted / Fall, the Canadian star DJ and producer Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) has teased new music from his legendary alias BSOD. As a matter of fact, the alias was formed in 2005 alongside the record producer and software engineer Steve Duda, popularly known as the creator of the

It is that time of the year once again where labels, artists, and the music industry unite for the biggest parties: Miami Music Week. Canadian producer and all round dance music legend deadmau5's imprint, mau5trap, will be hosting one of the major pool parties during the busy week. The massive pool party by one of the industry's most notable labels

In his fourth video for RAZER Music, deadmau5 opens up more about the creative process, workflow and mindset behind producing tracks as opposed to the more technical videos which were released a couple of months back. The mau5 talks with long-time friend and collaborator Steve Duda who's a technical wizard in his own right, responsible for a number of now industry standard VST production