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Dutch superstar and two-time number 1 DJ Martin Garrix is a happy camper these days. The 'Animals'-producer, who recently grabbed a couple of BUMA Awards for his achievements in his homeland The Netherlands, revealed in an interview with BUILD Series that he 'loves the current state of music'. In the new interview, the 21-year old speaks about today's endless possibilities with

One of SoundCloud's rivals in the lucrative music streaming business, Mixcloud, has signed a licensing deal with Warner Music. The main outcome of the remarkable deal allows the streaming platform to start a subscription business, now offering music of Warner artists. At the same time, the deal will offer listeners a more on-demand service. Mixcloud is also still negotiating similar

After a tough number of months for the German streaming platform Soundcloud, involving various different lawsuits with record labels, the site recently announced that it had struck a deal with a number of said labels which would allow more freedom in terms of their copyright policies. Things seem to be looking up for the site, and they've now recently added a Top

So, Google Play Music has upped their game to compete with other services such as: Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music by giving users the option to try their service without having to pay a penny. Sounds good, right? Google Play Music has launched the ad-supported radio product to complement the $10 a month subscription service that gives members unlimited access to