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Following the recent departure of Daft Punk from the music industry, supporting fans from around the world have sent in their tributes for the electronic pair, but one YouTuber, in particular, has bid farewell with a special and extremely talented gesture. Korean YouTuber 차커 Chaco is known for creating music with a channel dedicated to covering some of the world's most famous songs and

Another look into the mysterious wonder that is Claptone's upcoming studio album Fantast, the engmatic DJ and producer's latest drop called "Stronger" comes as the 5th track to be unveiled from the LP. The album, announced early in the beginning of the year, is staged to drop June 8th, and has received quite a remarkable unveiling. So far, among the

You never know what to expect from Mat Zo these days, his foundation in both trance and progressive house has solidated his ever-changing production style. He has been constantly putting out unique releases ever since he came out with his first album, “Damage Control”. Now, he is back with breathtaking remix of Arty’s “Stronger”. Arty’s original track is centered on Ray