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Music has always been known for its positive effects on the mind and body, and a recent breakthrough study by UK organization Music For Dementia seems to back up its positive effects as it is shown to have a massive reduction in depression in patients suffering from dementia. The organization conducted two separate studies to deduce the findings, the first project discovered

A recent study that has just come out has shown that there are certain tracks that can help combat the mental fatigue that runners feel whilst doing their exercise, and Avicii appears on the list. Researchers at the University of Edinburgh used two different tests to study the effects of certain types of music on eighteen different fitness enthusiasts, and their findings are

A survery, conducted by Eurockéennes de Belfort which is one of France's largest rock and multi-genre festivals, showed that the majority of French festivalgoers would be unwilling to attend a seated festival if one were to go ahead following the government restrictions stating that any festivals going ahead this summer must be limited to a 5,000 person capacity and must also