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Most ravers have already packed their boots this year, but there is good news coming, especially for Indian festival-goers. Percept Live, the creators of Sunburn Festival, have announced the 14th edition of the event. In the light of the present panorama, this is, without a doubt, the most eagerly awaited Sunburn Festival. Due to the current pandemic, music festivals and large-scale events

When the most anticipated festival of the month combines with the arguably the worlds most revered franchise, the result is something quite phenomenal. This December, Sunburn Festival, Goa, is providing you with a Star Wars themed stage. Complete with Darth Vader and Storm Trooper cameos and a special Star Wars centered DJ set,  the iconic 4 day festival is out

Indias currently thriving EDM scene has, in the past, long thirsted for quality artists that have now been provided courtesy Sunburn and VH1. Feeding dance music hungry fans with world renowned phenomenons like Skrillex and DJ Snake, both festivals have together been able to spearhead the countrys journey towards securing an international presence in the electronic music industry. Around a month ago, Sunburn announced its