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Popular by demand, Spinnin' Records are back with their weekly Spinnin' Sessions radio and the first of their November shows. Always providing the freshest and newest sounds in electronic music, Spinnin' also welcome a weekly guest DJ to thrown down a 30-minute guest mix. Taking out October in style for their 233rd episode, Trobi spun an electric and new B2B guest mix with Boaz van de

Leading-edge label HEXAGON is well-reputed as one of the industry's most pioneering platforms for both established artists and upcoming talent. Since its foundation in 2015, the label has grown exponentially, and has seen the release of some of the scenes most explosive anthems. Label boss Don Diablo is undoubtedly one of the industry's most respected tastemakers, with the influence to

Five years ago, five of Russia's most talented producers came together to release one of electronic dance music's biggest festival anthems. The stellar duo of Hard Rock Sofa joined forces with formidable trio Swanky Tunes to present the earth-shattering tune "Here We Go", which recently celebrated its release's five-year anniversary. The track has created tremors all across the globe with its

Russian group, Swanky Tunes, present us their brand new track called ‘I Need U’ in collaboration with young talent Playmore. The trio is especially made known with their remix of ‘Clarity’ by Zedd feat. Foxes  or with their latest song ‘Keep The Vibe’ released on Showland Records. They return this time with deep piano synths, exquisite chords, and a haunting melody

Following the track's premiere on Hardwell On Air, the collaboration between Swanky Tunes & Sunstars entitled 'The Blitz' has received its official release date of August 17 on Afrojack's Wall Recordings. It's been a another solid year for Russian trio Swanky Tunes, who are renowned for their uplifting electro tracks, and this release is no different. Whilst upcoming Italian trio Sunstars have already had releases

Tom Swoon and Swanky Tunes joined forces and presented us with their newest collaboration, “Last Goodbye” It has been a long time coming since Tom Swoon's last major release and this time, he decides to hit us with something that's a little harder than his usual style. Tom Swoon, known for his work in melodic progressive tracks such as "Wait" and "Here I

Rarely do we get such groovy, late night party jams, however, Moscow trio Swanky Tunes give us an absolute show stopper with their newest release "Come Together". Following their smash hit "LOV3", this new jam combines tribal percussion and slapping synths that will surely keep the party going. Out now on their very own Showland imprint, grab this heavy hitter on Beaport.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYgBRwE9DfA