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Popular music, and indeed electronic music, is full of songs that sound joyous and uplifting but behind the music lies a lyrical content that gives a rather different feel. Enter Swedish superstar Alesso and his latest track Sad Song, the title itself giving you all the clues you need to know this isn't exactly a story of rainbows and unicorns,

Iconic. Phenomenal. Breathtaking. Alessandro Lindblad is only 27 years old, but the aforementioned trio of words represent an impeccable career that has been packed with highs. For Alesso, it has been hit after hit, and the Swede's gigantic following is longing for something new to follow up the likes of 'Years', 'City Of Dreams', and 'Take My Breath Away'. Well, Alesso

Since breaking through with tracks like 'Runaway' and 'You', Christian Karlsson and Linus Eklöw have been catapulted to new heights. Just a few years on from their original formation, the Swedish duo have taken to main stages worldwide, bringing their high energy dance tracks to the masses. More formally known as Galantis, Karlsson and Eklöw continue to provide bangers for the world