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Chris Lake is certainly one of the most colorful representatives of the house and tech-house scene of recent years. His production vision, creativity, and ability to create catchy vibe songs that stay in our minds for months or even years after a single listening, make him an extremely respected and recognizable figure in the electronic music world. This is confirmed

California-born DJ & producer Niles Hollowell-Dhar, better known as KSHMR, has been on the ascending wave for a good few years now. The regularity - which goes hand in hand with the quality and quantity of positive feedbacks from fans and the world of EDM - of his new productions is astonishing. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that KSHMR is the founder of

Carnage has been going back and forth with people on the internet lately, about the ongoing accusations against him for using ghost production services in order to make his album. Due to the rise of electronic dance music, producers have been able to make millions and Carnage is no exception to this rule.   Following his latest “tutorial” on how to make