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Psychedelic synth-pop band MGMT have been responsible for all our favourite hits over the years, since starting up in 2002. Their earlier tracks like 'Kids', 'Electric Feel' and 'Time to Pretend' are still massive hits in today's decade, and are bound to send any listener down a nostalgia-filled lane of happy memories. There's not many artists like them that have a near-perfect track record of producing massive

After a tragic end to the French producer duo Cassius, it’s time for some good news for all their admirers. According to DJ Mag, their final piece of work will be released by Glitterbox Recordings on 21st February 2020. The duo’s remix of Fiorious’ track “I’m Not Defeated” will be a token of respect to the journey of Hubert Boombass and the late French

Synth pop singer I Am Boleyn is one of the most unique artists that you may not have heard of yet. Her fresh take on electro-pop is fuelled by the vibe of the 80s with a tinge of futurism, blending old with modern for a completely new sound that is rimmed with feelings of nostalgia and summery vibes. Writing songs ever

DJ Tranz is a mysterious DJ who has built an ever growing fanbase thanks to his unique sounds and abilities. With an extensive catalogue of releases under his belt and a lot more to come, there is plenty of things to love about this producer and recently he has teamed up with Crownz for his latest track. Believe it or not, this is

It's been an exciting year for Madeon - aka Hugo Pierre Leclercq - so far. Announcing his return to music since releasing the 2015 album 'Adventure', fans and producers alike were ecstatic with news of another album dropping later this year. Kicking off the 'Good Faith' era with a bang, Madeon released the irresistible track 'All My Friends' and proved that he was well and truly back in the