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If you're not already familiar with Martinic and its products, you've been missing out. They've been making software instruments and effects out of Schagen, The Netherlands since 2010, and with offerings like the quirky and cool Elka Panther and thumping free Kee Bass, they've quietly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the plugin industry. Their most

The Roland JUNO-X is the new flagship synth from the Japanese industry titans, delivering a real vintage experience with modern features. Roland`s JUNO series is widely known for its sound and has a high reputation across the music industry. In the 80s, the JUNO series shaped the sound of many pop, synth wave, and house hits, and the legacy continues.   First things first,

No matter the kind of electronic music you make, a good synth is absolutely vital. It's something you're going to need for every track you work on, and it makes your life that much easier when you find the right one for you. One might think that you'd need to shell out hundreds for a good VST synth, but there's

Elektron is a Swedish product development company that specializes in portable instruments. Their range of samplers, synthesizers, drum machines and sound processors is well-known within the music industry, used by many artists such as Aphex Twin, Thom Yorke, and Timbaland. As a follow-up to their Digitone synthesizer and Digitakt sampler, Elektron has now released Syntakt.   | Best VST Plugins of 2022 –

Korg is a well-known brand for analog and digital synths, having helped to shape the sound of electronic music production immensely. Music producers around the world appreciate their distinctive and great sound. 6 years ago the first Yamaha DX7-inspired Korg Volca FM was released and it remains an industry favorite. The new Korg Volca FM 2 will come with some major upgrades,

Martinic, founded in 1993 in Schagen, The Netherlands as an IT company, has been producing high-quality music-making hardware and software for quite some time now. They notably make some excellent digital instruments with their ACE (Advanced Circuitry Emulation) technology, including the VST version of a highly sought-after 60s monophonic keyboard: This is the Martinic KEE BASS.   A wonderful and seamless blend

In collaboration with Flying Lotus, Moog have revealed their brand new "Subsequent 25" synth in a video announcement. The hardware, estimated to cost around $849, hits the marketplace to replace the gritty Sub Phatty machine. Packing new features and changes into a 20-inch frame, Moog have tweaked the "Subsequent 25" so that it provides you with a more powerful sound, whether

Sure to be one of the releases of the coming years for producers world over, it is with utmost hype that KSHMR has released another sound/sample pack this week. Combining forces with fellow producer and Standalone-Music head honcho 7 Skies, the L.A. based 'Secrets' hit-maker has worked with actual instruments to combine their acoustics with the essentials of Electronic Dance music