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With a joyful personality and soothing voice, 22 year old Khalid has always proven to win the hearts of his fan base globally through his uplifting music. As his heartwarming lyrics have consistently proven to light up even the darkest of days, Khalid has undeniably risen to the top of the music industry since his first debut of 'Location' which took to

After tracks like 'Ocean' with Martin Garrix and 'Silence' with Marshmello received so much attention from both chart listeners and electronic music fans worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Khalid was back working with another incredible artist from the electronic side of the spectrum. The 20 year old singer born in Georgia, USA has turned his eyes

Ever since his breakthrough, DJ Snake has been on an immense rise toward the higher ranks of the industry. With five total platinum hits under his repertoire, including "You Know You Like It" and "Middle", the French producer has evidently gained a vast amount of success from his highly impressive discography. Returning for another superb single, DJ Snake recently released his