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Causing a frenzy amongst their fan base once again, Gorillaz have just unveiled their latest single 'New Gold' alongside Tame Impala and Bootie Brown. In addition, the iconic band have also announced the official date of their upcoming 'Cracker Island' album, with the anticipation levels now rising high. Blessing us all with the release of their hotly anticipated track 'New Gold'

Gorillaz debuted their new collaboration in the middle of their performance at All Points East festival where Damon Albarn leaked ‘It’s kind of a mad song.’ Everyone at All Points East festival last weekend was expecting a great performance from headliners Gorillaz. What nobody expected was that in the middle of that performance a new track would be premiered. To kick

As the music community continues to become even stronger through various live streams around the world, NTS Radio has recently announced their very own 24-hour fundraiser known as Remote Utopia's in aim to bring together 50 artists from various backgrounds. From DJ's, musicians, filmmakers, poets, photographers and more, NTS Radio will feature immersive art installations, music premieres as well as radio and

Having started 2020 on a positive note, England based Virtual Band Gorillaz has come up with another exciting news for music lovers all across the globe. After Gorillaz’s recent concept reveal regarding the upcoming project Song Machine, the creator Damon Albarn has hinted towards a possible collaboration with Kevin Parker’s project Tame Impala. One of Gorillaz’s virtual guitarist Noodle has dropped

Hailed as one of the most pioneering artists in the electronic music sphere, ZHU has become an icon around the world through thought-provoking, powerful tracks, each with their own complex identity. When looking back at his impressive catalogue of releases, quality certainly overcomes quantity, and while relatively few tracks have been released over the years in comparison with other producers,

The somewhat mysterious producer ZHU has been working on some new music recently and among the new tunes that are underway, there is a collaboration with Australian psychedelic artist Tame Impala. The 29-year old "Faded"-producer posted a teasing tweet a few weeks ago already reading “TameImpalaxzhu???”, which was the first sign of a collaboration in the making with the highly respected Aussie artist. ZHU performed